The Chain Reaction

Explode on the paper quick I gotta get this out before I lose it Good Morning to everyone I’m gonna give you something to make your day fun Word play is my favorite game So come on over here and let me ease your pain Let me tell you about your day Everything is gonna […]

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Rebirth of Renaissance

The clocks are spinning franticly out of control The books flying off the shelves to unfold Secrets that most of us never really knew exist The moment has come, past generations in the mist The clouds are glooming, the descendants are getting scared Alot of houses are out of order and unprepared The mentality is […]

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The Onion

Peel after peel, after peel, after peel Layers are uncovered, the essence is now revealed Peel after peel, after peel, after peel The soul is uncanny and a supernatural thrill Peel after peel, after peel, after peel Your existence has picked up so many things on its wheel Peel after peel, after peel, after peel […]

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Memoirs of A Drug Dealer

Barbecues outside, the grill is packed Gold chains around necks, pockets filled with stacks The aroma of fresh hydroponic buds in blaze Goddamn, how I miss these golden days Speakers in the front yard, several trunks are popped Everbody is invited to the party on the block Take a walk through the house smell the […]

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The Capture of The Night

As the sun goes down, the night comes up The atmosphere awakes The noise reduced, the cars are parked and everything rests in place Grab your phone you’re all alone, the astral doors are wide The future, the past, insights and laughs, you might as well come on inside The chatters of mind, you’ll leave […]

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Heavenly Guidance

Risk………… I do not resist I’m guided every move and receive almost every wish My is heart is lined with knowing, whenever you see me glowing It’s the God in my body, that’s what you see as I’m growing So I surf……. Yeaaaahhhhh The Earth is my turf, I have always said these words because […]

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The Vibe Creates The Tribe

The cultivation of the message exceeds your Earthly life If I attempt to give you something, I shall do that shit right My profanity reflects the intense power that’s in me But the value that I spread is just like electricity As I overflow your cup with the sweet nectar of inflection All the rules […]

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